Security is a precious and also an expensive asset. It requires continuous investments in personnel resources and new technologies. Only companies that are sufficiently strong investors can be certain to help advance cashless payment.

The Aduno Group invests in ever better solutions and does its utmost to see that they are used. The migration from magnetic strip to EMV chip is fresh in everyone’s minds, as is the introduction of 3-D Secure ADS (Activation During Shopping) for online purchases. The Aduno Group invested a great deal to ensure the full roll-out of the new security standards for cardholders and terminal owners. At the same time, it addressed the issue of fraud holistically by deploying an interdisciplinary fraud action group. With the systematic cooperation of fraud prevention, process management, data analysis and IT services, the Aduno Group began to utilise its core areas of expertise in ground-breaking ways. The efforts are paying off. Today the Aduno Group is one of the most secure partners in cashless payments.

The nature of threats change but dangers persist

Ten years ago the biggest threat to cashless payments was the fraudulent use of debit and credit cards by means of skimming, i.e. the theft of payment card information. Since the introduction of the chip card, the attacks have shifted increasingly in the direction of e-commerce. Digital data is therefore afforded special protection at the Aduno Group. Risk-based expert systems monitor digital payment procedures of customers and merchants in real time without interfering in their transactions. In the process, risk analysis generates the possible potential for fraud from different variables and rule-based parameters. From a certain alarm level, the 24h fraud service in the Aduno Group initiates staggered defence measures. Not too early and not too late. Although the Aduno Group invests even larger amounts in even more complex security systems, Adrian Kläy, Head Card Security & Risk Management, has a very simple security tip: “Check the billing statement every month.”

Customers free of financial risks

Whether customers of the Aduno Group make a cashless payment on site or during an online purchase, they bear no financial risk. If fraud should occur despite all the security precautions, the Aduno Group covers the loss. This is a very rare scenario thanks to an elaborate security strategy.