Driven by enthusiastic employees

The success of the Aduno Group is founded on a corporate culture in which employees are seen as the key to success and growth. It values employees with all their skills and capabilities, and helps them develop their potential in a relaxed work environment. The Aduno Group aims to be one of the leading names in Switzerland for its current and potential employees. It provides an exciting environment with innovative products, cross-unit processes, training and continuing education opportunities, attractive salary models and considerable scope for personal initiative.


Generation management

The feedback speaks for itself: the Aduno Group has no generational problems. Older employees feel just as comfortable in the company as their younger colleagues. The blend of long-standing experience and youthful zest for action can be fruitful if those concerned value one another. It is therefore not by chance that new employees were recruited again last year who will take their retirement in less than ten years’ time.

In the management cockpit

The Aduno Group attaches great value to good employee management. Management staff are not only responsible for achieving objectives but also for ensuring the well-being of the team. They accompany and support team members in their work – both professionally and emotionally, through stress and conflict situations. Supportive management behaviour requires considerable time and diligence. The Aduno Group supports this challenging task with what is referred to as the management cockpit. With a wide range of functions, the digital tool not only simplifies complex management tasks, it also ensures that employees enjoy the esteem they deserve.

En route to the digital world of work

When recruiting new employees, the Aduno Group calls on social networks. Digitisation also means that work can be carried out from numerous sites and at flexible times. As a result, the boundaries between professional and private life are becoming increasingly blurred. The Aduno Group is therefore already developing digital work models for tomorrow and beyond. The emphasis is no longer on processes or individual employees, but on the work environment in which the employees can develop as a network.