Innovation and dynamics in Payment business

The Payment business includes Issuing with Viseca, one of Switzerland’s largest issuers of credit cards and Prepaid cards from Mastercard® and Visa with around 1.5 million cards. The Payment business also encompasses AdunoKaution, which arranges rental deposit guarantees.

Simply digital: "one"

Every year, more and more customers place their trust in Viseca. They rely on a fair and secure partner offering them all the advantages of cashless payment thanks to cutting-edge technology. Moreover, they appreciate the extensive range of services which they can use around the world.

"one" is a free service that makes online shopping and payment even more secure and convenient while summarising all the information relating to a credit card. Following the one-off registration during which all cards registered to the same name are automatically linked to the "one" account, 3-D Secure card payments in online shops can be controlled and authorised via the "one" app. Cardholders no longer need to memorise a password and simply confirm or reject an incoming message in the "one" app with a single click. Another advantage of "one" is that transactions, the reward programme and account settings can be managed in a single location.

Viseca Masterpass included

The trend of shifting to mobile terminals is becoming visibly stronger in the online trading sector. There is nevertheless a problem when shopping online with a smartphone. Hardly anyone knows their credit card number by heart. Entering information at the checkout becomes an ordeal with a smartphone. This results in abandoned transactions which are as frustrating for the customers as they are for the retailers.

"one" incorporates the Viseca Masterpass online payment solution. Purchases made in the increasingly numerous online shops connected to Masterpass are becoming noticeably more customer-friendly. When shopping online with Viseca MasterPass, there is no longer any need to enter the card number, name, expiry date or delivery address. The payment process has never been so quick, simple or secure.

Simple, exciting and versatile: surprize

Thanks to the rewards programme surprize, there are good reasons to pay for every purchase with a card. For every purchase, valuable surprize points are credited to the cardolders’ points accounts. By offering rewards vouchers, business partners can develop new customer potential.

With the points account, rewards shop and collect-and-redeem offers, the surprize platform is the focal point for cardholders. At the sime time, it serves as a showcase for the participating retailers. They can increase their brand awareness by incorporating theif logo and, a brief description of the rewards vouchers and being mentioned in surprize communication. In addition, every point redeemed is re-credited to the partner.