Digital change on a secure basis

The Aduno Group as technological leader, develops innovative and sustainable solutions in the field of cashless payment. In doing so, it calls on a digitised best-in-class service. This is based on Mastercard® and Visa, is compatible with the partner banks and, more particularly, is very customer-friendly and secure.

For more than 15 years, the Aduno Group has succeeded in promoting cashless payment by means of pioneering products and services. It quickly understood that digital payment is not a revolution but a logical continuation of the original credit card business using digital technologies.

Smart digital payment solution for Switzerland: SwissWallet

The Aduno Group, Netcetera and Swisscard have founded the joint venture SwissWallet AG to develop and operate digital payment solutions. The first product was launched at the end of 2015 with Masterpass. SwissWallet provides the technology for the innovative Swiss payment standard for e- and m-commerce. Combined with Masterpass, the digital payment solution from Mastercard, this service can be used for online shopping purposes on all tablets and smartphones.

At the checkout, only a few clicks or taps of the finger are required as all the information needed to make the purchase is securely stored. All card information is always up to date and does not need to be entered when shopping. The transaction process is significantly accelerated and the discontinuation rate minimised.

Using data to the benefit of everyone

The Aduno Group is ideally positioned for the digital future: it aims to provide more than two million customers in Switzerland with a simple and secure cashless payment solution. The data obtained throughout the value-added chain is systematically analysed and processed. It forms the basis for information services which are constantly being extended. With data analytics, which forms a link between all business units, the Aduno Group becomes increasingly familiar with the needs of both end customers and partners on a daily basis. 

The data analytics services reach all the way into the field of personal finance management (PFM), which is made by Contovista AG, a fintech company of the Aduno Group. With its data analytics, Contovista offers solutions that can be fully integrated into existing e-banking services and related mobile systems. Integration of these solutions brings decisive improvement to functionality for end customers and ensures a smooth customer experience.