Certain profits

Security is a precious and expensive asset. It requires continuous investments in personnel resources and new technologies. At the Aduno Group, great importance is accorded to fraud prevention. The Aduno Group makes every effort to limit the risks to a strict minimum for credit card transactions using cards or smartphones and for online activities of any kind. These efforts have been instrumental in helping to reduce the number of claims substantially in recent years and to keep them at a low level.

Digital search for clues

To safeguard the security of credit card transactions, the Aduno Group uses modern and intelligent systems that can recognise fraud attempts in real time or prevent them from occurring in the first place. Among other things, comprehensive analyses of real patterns of fraud make these systems possible. In every transaction, sophisticated software examines the probability of abuse based on current risk profiles. The system sets off an alarm as soon as abnormalities are detected in the handling of a transaction.

The experts from the fraud department analyse critical situations with the assistance of software-based security systems. The interplay of experience and technology results in a quick decision as to whether a transaction should be allowed or blocked. The service is provided as quietly and discreetly as possible in the background and the cardholder is only contacted directly in case of doubt. 

Minimising risks

Risk management plays a very important role in the credit environment. Credit, leasing and card applications are systematically subjected to a creditworthiness check. To obtain adequate risk assessments, methods are implemented which make it possible to predict future events with a high degree of reliability. Predictive modelling techniques based on application and behavioural data are combined with information from economic credit agencies and the Centre for Credit Information (CIC) to develop meaningful risk profiles and robust credit default predictions. In the end, they decide about card applications and spending limits as well as about granting credit to private individuals or leasing financing. 

At cashgate, these checks are stricter than those prescribed by law. This protects borrowers from overindebtedness. In addition, only persons over the age of 20 can receive a loan from cashgate. The maximum credit amounts are limited according to age. The cautious risk policy has allowed the loss rate to be steadily reduced over the years.