Anyone who enters into a credit card acceptance contract with Aduno benefits from sector-oriented solutions, high quality payment terminals and user-friendly management capabilities at the online portal AdunoAccess. Aduno is present at over 50,000 points of sale, where it demonstrates its values of reliability, security and speed daily.


The free online portal for payment management and sales support gives the affiliated partners a round-the-clock overview of their contractual data and all repayment notifications.

Optional modules expand the myriad possibilities already offered by AdunoAccess by adding valuable evaluation and monitoring functions relating to cashless payments. With myTransactions, payment notifications and monthly statements can be checked, sorted and archived at any time. 

Payment terminals

The Aduno payment terminals are absolute state of the art and equipped with current security certificates. The terminals with colour displays have NFC (Near Field Communication) as a standard feature, which allows contactless payment with credit card or smart phone.

The emerging trend is that payment terminal software will be updated with cloud solutions in the near future. This step simplifies labour- and cost-intensive processes. On-site terminal maintenance is already greatly simplified today, as only the hardware now needs to be serviced. Software, for its part, is installed by a central remote maintenance office, which also makes available updates or provides new functions.