Data helps to maintain a friendship

Let us assume you have a friend and are aware that he is a passionate collector of first editions. Let us further assume one day you spot a rare book in the window of an antique store being offered for sale at a sensational price. What would you do? Presumably, you would let your friend know about it. The functions of Big Data are similar to this situation.

Every transaction with a credit card leaves traces. Up to 200,000 times a day, people whip out a Viseca card and a data record is generated. This record indicates who used the card and where, when and for what amount. These data items are something all customers can examine on their monthly statement.

Rewards for consenting customers

Customers participating in the suprize rewards programme can benefit from the data processed at the Aduno Group. Their customer and transaction data is systematically analysed if and only if they give their consent. Analysis programmes model customer needs and link them intelligently to offers from trading partners. An affinity between a customer’s need and a merchant’s offer can be used synergetically. As in the first-edition example mentioned above, the customer is informed by the Aduno Group about attractive offers or special services from merchants. The news is sent by regular mail, email or SMS text messaging. 

Satisfied customers mean satisfied merchants

Instead of distributing hundreds of tonnes of brochures by the shotgun approach and have them end up being thrown away unread, customers receive only offers that match their needs. They finally feel understood by advertisers and companies instead of feeling bothered. Big Data is solely advantageous from the merchants’ perspective as well. Herbert Bucheli, Head of Business Analytics Services: “We can provide the partner companies with fact-based feedback concerning what works well and why, as well as the reasons why other offers are less in demand. The bottom line is that cardholders and retailers benefit in equal measure.”

Protected data, high level of transparency

The business model of the Aduno Group is based on customer trust. Data protection is considered a top priority in this context. Customer data analyses for partner companies are completely anonymised, so no conclusions can be drawn about individual customers or their activities. It is also a matter of course to inform customers in a transparent fashion at all times. Thomas H. Davenport, the renowned expert in data analytics, says his transparency is the key to correctly protecting privacy in connection with Big Data: “When a company communicates openly about the use that is made of the data and when the customer also realises that he benefits from value added, there is, in principle, no issue of acceptance.”