Pay policy

Our pay policy ensures that remuneration for employees is as fair as possible. It supports our strategic intentions in hiring, developing and retaining personnel, thereby making a major contribution to the attainment of corporate goals. Our pay policy ensures that all employees are paid according to standard guidelines issued by the management and that the demand for equal pay for equal work is systematically supported.

Principle: We want to remunerate our employees according to what they do and how they do it. In the process, we take due account of the labour market and corporate profit. Our pay system therefore comprises three essential components: position, performance and labour market. We weight performance as a significant component of pay. Our intent is to ensure that our employees who deliver top performances have a level of pay above the average for comparable positions. There are no automatic rules for determining pay. Performances are treated in a differentiated way to prevent all pay being at the same level. We make sure pay develops in a socially compatible manner.

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