Our vision

In the design of our business model, we are guided by this vision: “Aduno Group – the smart way to pay.” The Aduno Group offers more than two million customers in Switzerland safe, easy cashless payment as well as private financing. Liquidity – guaranteed.

The vision of the Aduno Group is based on the following major elements:

Customer needs

Through our core competence of data analytics we know, understand and address the needs of customers and of sales partners such as banks, merchants and mediators. 

Value-adding services

Our services relating to our core business are based on an intelligent linking of data and profiles.   We thereby create long-term partnerships for the benefit of all parties involved. 

Financial strength

We sustain a high level of profitability and thereby ensure our autonomy and our entrepreneurial freedom.

Network competence

Networks and partnerships are integral elements of our business model. Partner banks play a fundamental role as a leverage factor for market penetration and in the field of product development.

Operational excellence

We are fast and reliable in processing in any case – anytime and anywhere.

Dual innovative energy

We master the technological interface of the payment process and thereby shape the future of payment. We create inspirational products and services.


Our customers can rely on our payment promise and the security of their data.

Our business model

We have mastered the complexity of cashless payment. With our proven competence in payment processes and our innovative powers in controlling technological interfaces, we want to be absolute frontrunners in benefiting from the boom in digital payment.  

Implementation of the strategy in three expansion stages

The Aduno Group is implementing its strategy in three stages based on a secure core business.

Strengthen the core: We strengthen our market position by having a reliable, strong and healthy base.

Extend the core: We expand our core business by enlarging the product portfolio, achieving further market penetration and tapping into new markets and customer groups.

Beyond the core: We constantly develop new integrated solutions and business models for consumers and partners based on our core areas of competence: Payment, Consumer Finance and Data Analytics.

"Our strategy is geared to profitable growth."