From Viseca Card Services SA to the Aduno Group


Viseca merger with Accarda AG and Aduno Finance AG


Aduno Holding sells cashgate to Cembra Money Bank
Full take over of Contovista AG


Board of Directors appoints Max Schönholzer as new CEO
Full take over of Accarda AG
Integration of AdunoKaution and SmartCaution SA in cashgate


Divest of Aduno SA to Six Payment Services AG.
Increase stake in Contovista AG to 70 per cent.

2016 The Aduno Group is acquiring SmartCaution SA, a company active in Western Switzerland.
The Aduno Group holds a 14 per cent participation in the Swiss fintech company Contovista AG


SwissWallet AG was founded by the Aduno Group, Netcetera and Swisscard.
The name of EuroKaution is changed to AdunoKaution.
Aduno Holding AG issues two bonds amounting to CHF 200 million.

2014 The Aduno Group took over all the shares of EuroKaution.
Integration of Revi-Leasing und Finanz AG into cashgate.
Aduno Holding AG placed CHF 400 million as a double tranche on the capital market.
Launch of the rewards programme surprize.


 cashgate introduced a new price model with two fixed interest rates.


cashgate took over all the shares of Revi-Leasing und Finanz AG which was fully integrated into cashgate in 2014.
Aduno Holding successfully issued a second bond.


Successful première of Aduno Holding on the Swiss capital market with a bond issue.


Take-over of cashgate and personal loan and leasing business from the Raiffeisen Group and Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV). The activities were subsumed under the name “cashgate”.


The Aduno Group took over all of the shares of Commtrain Card Solutions. In June the Aduno Group introduced a holding structure involving the subsidiaries Commtrain Card Solutions, Viseca and Aduno. Commtrain Card Solutions was legally merged with Aduno in 2009.


Viseca (issuing) and Aduno (acquiring) were merged. This merger gave rise to the Aduno Group.


Viseca took over the acquiring business of Cornèr Banca. Aduno was established in Bedano.


Viseca was founded by the cantonal banks, the Raiffeisen Group, various regional banks, Migros Bank and Bank Cler (formerly Bank Coop) as well as private and commercial banks. Viseca opened for business on 1 January 2000.

“The Aduno Group in retrospect.”