Consumer Finance division

The Consumer Finance division comprises cashgate and offers financing services for private customers. As a credit and leasing partner for renowned Swiss banks, cashgate has with 1’600 points of sale the densest sales network in Switzerland (bank branches and own points of sale). In the leasing market, cashgate also works together with 1’500 partner garages. The Consumer Finance division focuses on sustainable growth and pursues a responsible risk policy.

Stricter than required by law

The lending criteria at cashgate are even stricter than required by law. Only customers with credit standing will be satisfied customers in the long run. A price model with fixed interest rates takes into account the customers’ individual risk profile and can be examined by the customers themselves. 

Getting out of debt

Excess debt is incurred for a variety of reasons and often results in worse chances professionally and educationally, in social decline and loneliness. To prevent excess debt from occurring in the first place, cashgate takes legal actions in debtor management whenever possible. It relies preventively on early detection of payment problems, offers a hand by granting extensions, and restructures debt with private and social institutions. A customer subject to debt collection is also given royal treatment at cashgate.