The Aduno Group at a glance

The Aduno Group offers a broad range of products and services for cashless payment. Together with the personal credit, leasing and guarantee deposit business, the Aduno Group boasts a diverse range of activities in a growing market.

Strong shareholders

The Aduno Group is a holding and wholly owned by Swiss retail and cantonal banks. These owners include the Raiffeisen Group, all the cantonal banks, Migros Bank, Bank Cler and a number of commercial and private banks.  


The Aduno Group came into being in 2006 with the merger of two previously autonomous companies, Viseca Card Services SA (card issuing: Issuing) and Aduno SA (for merchants: Acquiring and Terminals). In 2008 the Group expanded its range to include personal loans and leasing. cashgate AG has belonged to the Group since this expansion. AdunoKaution (previously EuroKaution) has also been part of the Group since 2014. Together with SmartCaution they mediate rental deposit guarantees.  

Our customers

  • Over a million cardholders (Mastercard®/Visa) 
  • 79,000 credit and leasing customers

“Our company covers a wide range of cashless payment services.”