Motivating work conditions

The Aduno Group considers top motivation to be a crucial trait for employees. Only satisfied people are high achievers. Progressive work conditions ensure an optimum environment at work.

Motivating work conditions

The Aduno Group has modern work-time models featuring part-time and home-office options as well as generous holiday arrangements. Permanent Group employees also profit from benefits such as meal compensation payments, free credit cards, preferential terms in leasing and instalment payment, discounted ZVV-BonusPass, supplements for fitness subscription, discounted premiums at various insurance carriers, and supplemental insurance from health insurance companies as well as fleet discounts from certain car importers. A commission is paid for bringing in new employees, and the personnel working in shifts in the 24h call center receives vouchers for regular health check-ups.

Work environment

Health and developmental opportunities are important to the Aduno Group. It does not want its employees to be short on anything. A good infrastructure and health-enhancing offerings create a work environment where people have a sense of well-being.

The Aduno Group provides employees with numerous activities that assist them and encourage them to develop personally on the job:

  • Ongoing further development in existing position
  • Further development through internal job switches
  • Internal and external basic and continuing training 
  • Professional and managerial career (from key staff level) 
  • Individual developmental plans
  • Talent management

We care about the environment. The Aduno Group is mindful of conserving our resources to the greatest possible extent. This goal finds expression in numerous environmental actions:

  • Minergie building (Andreaspark Zurich Oerlikon) 
  • Waste separation 
  • Payments to defray public transportation costs 
  • SBB Business Travel Tool (ticketing system of Swiss Federal Railways for business travel)