Corporate culture

People first

The employees are of central importance and actively shape the future of the Aduno Group. The Group makes a conscious effort to show respect and appreciation for its employees. Anything we expect from others we also abide by ourselves. We conduct ourselves loyally toward colleagues and partners by showing them respect and appreciation and by conserving resources.

Focused on the goal

We consistently focus on the corporate goals, behave in a customer-oriented way and assume responsibility. This entails forging networks and cooperating with all relevant parties as well as enforcing decisions that are made and being accountable for them. If need be, we intervene and let others do so.

Acting economically

We are willing to question and, if need be, to change services and processes, established customs and forms of conduct, even in the face of opposition. The limited available resources are used in pursuit of corporate goals. We concentrate on our own strengths and on effective external factors, thereby achieving high and sustainable profitability.


We comply with internal and external regulatory provisions. Our risk management is based on all employees being forward-looking in all that they do.


Being flexible means recognising changed conditions in a timely manner and seeing new opportunities in change and implementing them. We encourage employees to be forward-looking in their actions, thereby creating basic conditions that leave room for targeted innovations. We use the latitude at work for decision-making and taking action and behave pro-actively.


With clear, concrete communication and action, we contribute to the simplicity of daily work and efficiently reach our goals. We are guided by the directives and instructions of the management and the organisation.