Episode 1

47° 22’ 1” N / 8° 32’ 42” O – Bellevue, Zurich: ~12,000 transactions per day

74° Staying mobile and up-to-date – Laura tries on a pair of ankle boots in the shoe shop. She quickly checks the "one" app of Viseca to see if she can still afford these boots after yesterday’s shopping spree in a department store. The card purchase is already shown on the app and she decides to go for it. She jumps on the next tram and is already looking forward to going out in her new boots.

166° Getting around better – There’s no way she is going to miss this tram! Because the ticket machine also accepts credit cards, Manuela does not have to go to the effort of searching for small change. She doesn’t lose any valuable time and can be back in the office faster.

265° Everything in one place – Café owner Frank has received a list of his purchases for the café. With his Business credit card from Viseca he has a constant overview and has his budget under control. He can now relax and treat himself to an espresso. 

289° Smarter solution – Alexandra loves her small but luxurious new rental apartment in Zurich Oberdorf. Her friend Mia is happy that the move went smoothly, as she was the one to suggest to Alexandra that she finance the removal expenses, which are high in the short term, with a loan from cashgate. Good advice does not have to be expensive.

310° More frequent surprises – Jeremy is studying business administration and is fond of the tomato and rocket sandwiches from Frank’s café. With the Viseca’s surprize rewards programme, Jeremy can collect points every time he uses his credit card. He particularly likes being able to exchange these points for rewards or vouchers.

36° Better financed – Anna loves her job as a features journalist, but her goal is to eventually get good reviews of her own for one of her plays. She therefore plans to study theatre production part-time at a private college next year. For relaxation she walks her dog Luna every day, while

financial support for her studies is available from cashgate.

88° Moving more quickly – Eddie unwinds from his job on his racing bike. When he’s not on two wheels, he advises financial services providers on IT security. That’s why he is keen on VisecaOne. He can use it to check his transactions online and on his mobile in real time, any time.

186° Faster progress – A subscription to a fashion magazine would make sense for Carla, but she continues to buy single issues, depending on whether the title story catches her eye. And also because paying at the kiosk is so fast. All she has to do is tap her contactless credit card against the payment terminal – no need to sign a slip. Her friend Sara likes this too, as their shopping trip is not interrupted for long.

263° More practical together – a mobile is a telephone and a computer and a camera: smartphones provide a host of useful functions. One of them is mobile contactless payment: the Aduno Group makes the smartphone into an electronic wallet as well.

311° Financed more securely – For a long while Diego has planned to replace his old small car with a roomier station wagon so that there will be enough space for the child that he and his wife Lena are expecting. Finally it happened: daughter Alessa was born and Diego picked up his new car the next day. Leasing by cashgate makes this affordable.

122° Cashless is better – they are delicate and beautiful – and they were rather expensive to start with: the Masai figurines that Mark came across at an antiques market. The haggling required all his negotiating skill and his son Luke was more than a little surprised when his father finally made the payment using his activity tracker, where his credit card details were at the ready.

254° More flexible control – Their oldest daughter Ladina wants to become a nurse. She is spending the few months until she turns 18 as an au pair in Madrid. Her prepaid credit card is practical and safer than cash. When the card is empty her parents can easily load it again from home – and this also teaches Ladina to stay within her budget.

269° Relaxed and prepared – The Schmids will go to sunny Florida on their next vacation. As always they booked the flight and hotel online and paid by credit card. This is not only convenient, but with the additional services on their credit card, all the family members are also insured against mishaps such as the cancellation of the trip, the loss of their luggage or an accident while on holiday. This means they can already start relaxing before they have even left home.

323° Quicker handling – Miriam Smith confirms a purchase on the VisecaOne app. She can do this thanks to the push notifications that she receives on her smartphone. Only her husband Mark is quicker. He already has the chicken they bought in the oven and is just checking to see if it is done.