Corporate governance

We are committed to a clear and transparent information policy and to the protection of the interests of our shareholders and investors. 

The Aduno Group divides the responsibilities between the board of directors and executive board or expanded executive board to achieve a separation of powers. The board of directors makes decisions on strategy of the Aduno Group and monitors the business activity of the executive board. The executive board and the expanded executive board are responsible for operational management.

The board of directors

The board of directors is elected on a total renewal basis for a three-year term usually at the ordinary general meeting of shareholders. The current term of office runs until the general meeting of shareholders in 2020. Re-election is possible. The board of directors consists of seven members. The annual report always contains a complete list of the major offices. The board of directors forms an Audit Committee and a Compensation Committee.

The executive board

The executive board of Aduno Holding consists of four members plus one additional member belonging to the expanded executive board.

Alexandra Cicco
(expanded Executive Board)


KPMG AG, Zurich has been company auditor since Aduno Holding AG was founded. The competent lead auditor has been carrying out this function since 2019. The audit committee of the board of directors evaluates the performance, fees and independence of the external auditors and Group auditors every year and submits a proposal to the board of directors on which external auditors should be proposed for election to the general meeting.