Committed to investors

We consider it vital to conduct a timely, candid and fair dialogue with financial analysts and our investors. The annual report contains information on the full financial year just ended. At mid-year, the Aduno Group publishes its half year report. Over the course of the year, we inform you about important events in media releases. 

In the Investors section, you will also find key figures at a glance, information on outstanding bonds and corporate governance as well as an overview of important financial dates.

Please address any questions on financial subjects to our investor relations staff.

Investing continuously

The Aduno Group is developing new products, services and technologies in the two business fields Payment and Consumer Finance. These innovations require financial and personnel resources at present but lay the foundation for future business success.

Every year, the Aduno Group invests about CHF 30 million in new projects. That translates into about CHF 40,000 being spent annually per employee. For the Aduno Group, successful investment means generating added value for customers, shareholders and employees. It also means investing financial resources efficiently in actions that will ensure adequate value growth in future.

Three steps to a bright future

The Aduno Group is proceeding to carry out its strategy in three steps based on a secure core business. First, it is strengthening its market position by having a reliable, strong and healthy base of operations. Second, it is expanding its core business by enlarging the product portfolio, achieving further market penetration and tapping into new markets and customer groups. And third, it is constantly developing new integrated solutions and business models for consumers, merchants and partners based on its core areas of expertise: Payment, Consumer Finance and Data Analytics.