From Viseca Card Services to the Aduno Group – a chronicle


Viseca Card Services SA is founded in December by the cantonal banks, the Raiffeisen Group, various regional banks, the Migros Bank and BankCoop as well as a number of private and merchant banks.


On 1 January Viseca Card Services SA opens for business.


In September Viseca establishes what is now called the Corporate Center and launches operative customer relationship management.


In July Viseca takes over the acquiring business of Cornèr Banca SA and founds Aduno SA with headquarters in Bedano.


In January Viseca Card Services (issuing) and Aduno (acquiring), until that point independent companies, are merged to create the Aduno Group.


In March the Aduno Group becomes the sole shareholder of Commtrain Card Solutions. In June the Aduno Group introduces a holding structure comprising its subsidiaries Commtrain Card Solutions, Viseca Card Services and Aduno.


In February the Aduno Group acquires cashgate AG along with the private credit and leasing business of the Raiffeisen Group and the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV), and Swiss One Finance (SOF) is born. In December of 2008 SOF and cashgate are merged under the name cashgate.


Corporate branding, reorganization and relocation


Martin Huldi becomes CEO of the Aduno Group.

New refinancing structure and establishment of Aduno Finance AG.